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A new Social Network, “Amunzi” is Born in Zambia

Online social networks have become a part of almost all internet users. With many major social networking services being offered by counties outside Africa, Zambians have relied on international social networks for sharing digital data and communicating with friends and family.

With the birth of Amunzi (www.amunzi.com), Zambians now have a local product with international standards that they can use(even browse in their native language) and boast about.

Amunzi is the first, biggest and fastest growing Zambian online social network that gives people the power to connect with old friends, family, meet new people and discover interesting places around them.  While most social networks are about people meeting people, Amunzi’s main goal is to connect people to events and places of their Interests, and keeping them up to date with their followings.

The site allows users to create personal profiles where they can share photographs, music, videos, blogs and stickers. It is packed with a lot of interesting features for everyone, including a dictionary, bible, games, anonymous questions and some fun applications to keep the site interesting. In addition the site’s users can add members to Communities and exchange text messages, stickers and update their boards to notify their community members.

Describing Amunzi as the African Facebook, means understating Amunzi’s unique features and capabilities and its leadership in the Zambian (and soon African) Social media Sphere. With more than 3000 sign ups on its official launching date of October 2012, Amunzi is becoming an essential platform to all Zambian Internet users.

Amunzi was founded by Tresford Himanansa II (born February 4, 1987) in June 2011, in his bedroom at his parents’ home in Ndola. Tresford, an Evelyn Hone College graduate who is the current President and C.E.O. of amunzi’s parent company XyPNET (a software development, web designing and hosting company), is responsible for all operations of the site and setting the overall direction, product strategy and goals for the website. He is the main man and leads almost the entire design of Amunzi’s service and development of its core features, technology as well as infrastructure.


With no question in mind that the mobile space will be the next battleground in the world for social networks, the website was given new and improved form, structure, or appearance to meet the International Standards of a modern day social network.  Amunzi has invested much of its effort in creating a mobile website to give the users a great social networking experience regardless of the device being used.

The website’s name “Amunzi” comes from a Bantu word Munzi which means Community. The website allows any member who is 13 Years and above to become a registered user of the site.

Amunzi allows its users to enhance their personal profiles by adding multimedia and text content on their Boards. Users can also exchange private messages as well as use the Chat feature. The members can also Join default groups like Cooking, Politics, Jokes, Parenting, Soccer e.t.c.

To mollify concerns about the users, Amunzi in their new website allows its users to control who sees the information that they share on the website as well as who can find them in search results, through their Privacy settings.  The site is totally free to its users, and it generates its revenue from advertising, such as banner adverts, text adverts and a mixture of both.


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